CYBERCRIME: Illegal Acces

ninja                                                                       “Illegal Access”

I interviewed a friend who is a victim and a student in a popular private university in Cebu City and told me about his stories and what he felt in becoming the victim of Cyber Crime. He admitted to me that he is a computer addict before and he doesn’t care where or what internet cafe he is playing unless he is with his friends. Before his chosen game will play after the loading procedure he will just log in to social media sites like Facebook and twitter and after the game loads or play he will just press the chromes exit button not after pressing the sign out button of Facebook.

Until one time he found out that his Facebook account was hacked by the unknown user and there is a lot of Facebook users who are reacting and sharing his timeline post that he didn’t know who created those, post that destroys his image but makes the whole world laugh, he tried to access and retrieve his account and tries to delete the posts and he also wanted to commit suicide but he chose to continue his life and tries to forget his past situation, now he is a graduating student with a course of “Bachelor of Science in Information Technology’ and planned to make an organization that rehabilitates and helps the victims of Cyber Crime.